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How it Works

How it Works

The main idea of our web site is to suggest the easiest way to all the professional teachers and tutors and education centres, hobby clubs and students to find each other.

On our web site you can create your personal page where you can tell everybody about your activities.

You can also place the photos, contacts or any other information you wish to share with the public.

Online google maps can let the students find your location very easy.

You can also publish the news, announcements or commercial articles on our web site free of charge.

Our web site is equipped with a very convenient search system which will help the students find the clubs, or teacher of their interest in their area.

The results of the search will immediately provide the students with the requested information with all the contact details. The students will also be able to view the pages of the teachers of their interests with their profile and contact information.

We will also be publishing a lot of information about the education in Cyprus and not only.

We are hoping that our new web site will become a very useful resource to its users.

Happy Students Around Cyprus

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