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About Us

About Us

We have created this website for teachers, students and parents from all across Cyprus and abroad.

Our aim is to help students and parents, adults and children to quickly and easily find the tutor of school subjects, music, art, dance, sport and other activities.

We have created a convenient search engine to reduce the time you spent on looking for a teacher that satisfies your criteria. On the search page you can find mini-profiles of the tutors that are linked to their profile pages where you can find more information about the tutors and their source of activity, as well as the feedback from students.

We hope that with our help, teachers and educational centres will be able to attract more students and make their business more successful. We will do our best to make people aware of your qualification and experience.

AllCyprusTeachers - new educational project, with big plans and with big aims.

Happy Students Around Cyprus

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